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Yoga books, DVDs & mats for children, T-shirts for adults and jewellery available.

Guided Relaxation CD by Juanita - YOGA NIDRA 1

Yoga Nidra CD by Juanita.
3 tracks of 20 minutes each to listen to when you need to relax, to sleep better, to de-stress, to heal.
Track 1. Yoga Nidra Chakra Balance
Track 2. Points of Body Awareness
Track 3. Lightness of Being

"The Magic Mat & its little secret..."

“The world of Magic and creative play becomes a reality for children of ages 5-12 years old, with a book and complimentary DVD entitled “The Magic Mat and its little secret…” Reading the book and following the animation offers fun, physical stretching and relaxation techniques which develops happy, relaxed, loving and healthy children. Price: R 150-00.

The Magic Mat....

Dimensions: 60 x 173cm; 4mm thickness
• Made from non-slip antibacterial material
• Eco-friendly certified & non-toxic

With the Magic Mat, children can create their own safe, sacred and magical space to go when they are feeling stressed and anxious or simply need some quiet time. Price: R 250-00.

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