Yoga Mala Cape Town, South Africa. 

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Why choose Yoga to improve your well-being?


We strive for healthy living and a sense of balance in our lives. We focus on physical fitness in order to maintain a sense of well-being. Being physically fit is only part of the puzzle to gaining optimum health. Mental health, emotional health and spiritual health integrated with our physical well-being provide complete balance and nourishment of body, mind and soul.

In this day of deadlines and stress, our general state of health is compromised on a daily basis. Providing equal maintenance of physical, mental and emotional health is the key to relieving stress, to reducing physical ailments and injuries and to experiencing contentment with all that we do. This union of integrated health is achieved with Yoga. Yoga means "to yoke together" or "to unite" and so with regular practice of Yoga, the body, the mind and the spirit unite together to provide a thorough workout that ensures ideal health and well-being.

Our thoughts and actions determine our state of well-being. Our emotional state can determine our physical wellbeing. Maintaining positive thoughts and balancing our emotions have an immediate effect on our physical state. Only Yoga provides the medium for exercising and balancing health on all these levels.

 Discover the gift of Yoga and enjoy the journey!